Patient safety in surgery remains a daily challenge in the operating room.


AMHF 3000

• Simple, agreeable user interface
• Bi-stable APL valve switch ensures safety of patients in
manual ventilation mode
• No-tool disassembly makes maintenance and sterilization
• All electrical control operations have real-time self-check
function, avoiding any abnormal operation
• 5.7" TFT display quick set buttons and knob, and a bracket
with 4 flexible positions vertically and horizontally makes
direct access to settings
• Standard ventilation modes VCV, PLY, EIP, SIGH
(Optional: PCV, PEEP)


AMHF 5000

• Stable and reliable ventilator
• Pneumatic drive and electric control
• Volume control, pressure limited, upgradeable to pressure control mode
• Suitable for patients from pediatric to adults
• Colorful high-resolution display
• Quick and simple setup
• Real-time and visualized respiratory wave display Flowmeter
• O2/ N2O dual-tube flowmeter
• Flow sensor auto adjustment according to the tidal volume changes possible
• O2/ N2O safe-guard interlink device ensures that the flesh O2 is no less than 25%
• Flowmeter sensor can be automatically calibrated, and tidal volume can be automatically compensated
• Ventilator can be upgraded to pressure control mode
• Preset airflow tube, highly upgradeable
• RS232 port convenient for data transmition